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A little about me and my values

Hello! I’m Kieran. I’ve been in the IT Industry for 18 Years,

And I’m on a mission to provide sustainable web design to local businesses in Frome.

And by sustainable I mean two things.

First, I help small business ensure their website is carbon neutral by utilising clean energy hosting.

Second, I want to enable businesses to be self-sustaining when it comes to their website and fully able to keep their own website up-to-date.

I have been working in the software business for my whole career ranging from small to large including a decade at Apple Inc.

Trained as a permaculture designer, I try to apply these ecological design skills in all areas of my life and business. I believe our society needs to change, by thinking and do more locally and become more self-reliant.

With that in mind, I am running a series of free local training events to help people take control of their business website.

“Our new branding has been designed by @webzang as part of our new website and identity.

We think it reflects who we are and what we do perfectly and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The whole process has been fantastic and we are feeling very excited for the future.

Webzang also offers sustainable hosting with carbon offsetting, we had no idea that the internet had such a large carbon footprint and are so pleased to have found a hosting company that reflects our values.”

Frome Interiors

Deigners and cabinet makers

“I have a substantial website and a business to run and it has been a life-saver being able to rely on Kieran to make sure my website works, looks great and does what I need it to do.”

It has taken such a weight off my mind knowing that I can focus on doing what I love and leave the technical stuff to him.

He is my IT rock and go-to person whenever I need to do anything to my website.

I have my mailing list, booking system and blog all integrated

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