Digital Strategy.

Our digital strategy skills mean that we create more than just pretty websites (although we do think they are a bit lush!).

We understand the importance of aligning your website to your company values and goals. 

To ensure that your customer journey is clear before they even get to your site.

And that they understand exactly what you do, how you do it, and what to do next.

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and know that something’s just not right on your website. But you can’t quite figure out what it is. 


That’s where we come in.

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Does your website make sense?

Websites often grow organically as a company or organisation evolves.

You add a new page here, a blog post there.

You need some new functionality or have a design refresh.

And oftentimes the site grows without having a clear digital strategy.

And then you find it maybe doesn’t work so great for you. That your sales are going down, or people aren’t finding the right info on the site.

Or your site has just got …confusing.

Digital Strategy for your website can include:

Site Navigation.

Ensure the header, menu and structure on your website clear.


Understand what people are doing on your site, and why.

Works well.

Make sure glitches are identified and fixed.

Customer Journey.

Curate your customer journey and ensure they get to where you want them to be.

Page Purpose.

Each page has a clear purpose, with a clear call-to-action..

Boost Sales.

Make it easy for your customers to decide to work with you.

Look & Feel.

Your brand is consistent across all platforms: website, social media, other assets.


Be certain your website is fully compliant with all GDPR, Data Protection and other Laws.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, and have a fresh look.

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Choose a Service that Fits Your Needs.

Site Navigation Workshop

This popular workshop can help you figure out how to structure your website and align your website with your goals.
  • 90-min workshop
  • create a new sitemap
  • I make notes and email you workshop summary


Website Analysis.

Audit your website and see where you can improve.
  • free website health check
  • keyword analysis
  • navigation audit
  • customer journey
  • get more sales

From £145

Digital Strategy Sessions.

Create a bespoke package to suit your digital strategy needs.
  • analysis
  • site development
  • digital goal-setting
  • values identification
  • social media & platform congruence
  • branding & logos

From £145

Ongoing SEO.

Analysis and improvements.
  • SEO for pages, posts & products
  • Improve site speed & performance
  • understand analytics

From £110 per month

Talk to us.

You website is unique – let us know what you need.

I went into a workshop with Eleanor thinking I'd get some useful tips on what to include in a new website.

Really though, within an hour we together laid out the very foundations for it – without Eleanor's help I don't think the final product would've been as functional, user-friendly, or as competent at conveying the message we wanted to convey.


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