How to connect your domain email to Mail on a Mac (Desktop)

How to Guide

Having a domain email is great for business but accessing the email through an online portal is annoying. You just want it to connect onto your computer where you have all your other emails.

Thankfully this is very simple using either POP or IMAP connections. This basically connects your preferred email provider (or “email client”) with your email account. It sucks the emails into your client and depending on whther you use POP or IMAP, it may or may not keep a copy on the original server.

Instructions to connect your email to Mail on Mac

1. Open Mail on your Mac desktop.

2. On the toolbar, click MAIL > ADD ACCOUNT then select OTHER MAIL ACCOUNT

3. Enter the e-mail address and password provided to add your account. Click sign in

connect email to mail on mac 2

4. From the dropdown, select POP (not IMAP). This ensures that the emails are downloaded onto your device and not held on the server.

5. Add the incoming and outgoing mail server from the screenshot I sent you. Leave username blank (it is your email address)

6. Webzang will send you a screenshot of the correct settings for this box (above). It will look something like this (below)… Where it says “yourdomain” you should substitute for the domain name/url that you have bought. Eg, mail.webzang.co.uk

7. Click save and the email should be connected.  It’s a good idea to send a test email to yourself from another account, and reply to make sure it is all working correctly.

If you have any issues connecting then let me know.