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Helping businesses in Frome and beyond launch fast, beautiful, sustainable websites. 

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Do you need your website to better support your business ?

What you need is a website that lets you reach more clients, drives your site higher in Google searches and allows you to make more sales?

I don’t just build websitesanyone can do that.

With 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. I build Websites that helps your business grow. Using the latest research and techniques

The problem with most websites  

Some websites are badly put together and just as poorly thought out.

Maybe a template was used or they’re just not given the thought they deserve. You understand you need a beautiful website, but no-one told you of the need to build it with a plan in mind to make it successful.

A website needs to align with your business goals.

This could be lead capture, online shop or supporting a particular business function like allowing customer to book for a service / class. 

Web Design Studio in Frome

I am a Web designer in Frome working out of the amazing shared workspace welshmill hub who’s website I look after :-), and I love working with local companies building websites that work while also providing Eco Hosting with Frome Green Websites to reduce your carbon footprint.

Current Clients include:, –Frome Renewable Energy Co-op


There are several design packages for you to choose to suit your budget and needs.

They range from a silver package for startups that has everything your new business needs to a platinum package that supports a business where online is a major revenue stream for the business and converting visitors into paying customers is a top priority.


Web design in frome

I work “mobile-first” focusing on the mobile look and feel as most people are finding your business online on their phones and you need to show a modern professional site.

50%. of visitors will “bounce out” of a website if they do not like what they see. 

I use a web builder that will allow you to easily make your own changes to the website text and images, giving you complete control of your own site, after we have done live. 

My philosophy is that I want to support local businesses in a sustainable manner.

Like a lot of small business owners, you have to do everything yourself, but SEO is something best left to the experts. Everyone knows that SEO takes a long time to appear on rankings and I believe the time delay is used by some unscrupulous SEO types as an excuse to take your hard-earned cash and then keep you in the dark. Not so with Kieran, who’s straightforward non-techy style has really helped me understand what its important on my website. After a full review, quickly followed by a written report, he zoomed me afterwards to ensure I could see and understand everything he did and took the time to patiently answer all my duff questions. If you are afraid of handing over your computer to an SEO expert, nothing to fear with Kieran who is honest, friendly and patient. Highly recommended!

Annie Webb

Annie Webb Interiors

Buy Website Maintenance packs

Available to work on an ad-hoc basis or prepay for a much-reduced rate. Packs last for 12 months.

20 hours for £595
10 hours for £345
5 hours for £200


General Mentoring

Website Training
General computer support
Wifi Networking
Training in how to use your software programs


Search engine optomisation – or in non geek speak, doing work on your website so that google can understand what products or services you are offering and present it into their search pages higher up. This long term is a way to get free organic traffic to your site who will convert into customers.

For more details on my SEO packages see my websites that work page.

Ad-hoc Maintenance

Audit of your current website to see where improvements could be made
Fix bugs on your existing website
Add features
Improve page load times
Move hosting packages
Renew domain names
SSL certificate for secure online trading

Web Agency in Frome Somerset

“Our new branding has been designed by @webzang as part of our new website and identity.

We think it reflects who we are and what we do perfectly and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The whole process has been fantastic and we are feeling very excited for the future.

Webzang also offers sustainable hosting with carbon offsetting, we had no idea that the internet had such a large carbon footprint and are so pleased to have found a hosting company that reflects our values.”

Frome Interiors

Deigners and cabinet makers

“I have a substantial website and a business to run and it has been a life-saver being able to rely on Kieran to make sure my website works, looks great and does what I need it to do.”

It has taken such a weight off my mind knowing that I can focus on doing what I love and leave the technical stuff to him.

He is my IT rock and go-to person whenever I need to do anything to my website.

I have my mailing list, booking system and blog all integrated

Eleanor Hayes

I need a new website

We can build a website that is beautiful, mobile-friendly and presents your company to the world in a clear and professional way.

I want to improve my existing website

Work with me to analyse your existing website and plan how to it work harder for your business, so you get more exposure, reach more clients and make more sales? My ABCDE WEBSITES THAT WORK system is proven to get results. 

I need eco hosting

Choose to lower your online carbon footprint with fast, fully-managed web hosting packages. Fed up with a slow site? let me give you a speed boost. 

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