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Successful Business Websites, start with a Plan!

Do you need a website that really works?

What you need is website that is well thought out and aligns with your business goals, that lets you reach more clients, drives your site higher in Google searches and allows you to make more sales?

I don’t just build websitesanyone can do that.

With 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. I build Websites helps your business grow.

The problem with most websites  

Some websites are badly put together and just as poorly thought out.

Maybe a template was used or they’re just not given the thought they deserve. You understand you need a beautiful website, but no-one told you of the need to build it with a plan in mind to make it successful.

A website needs to align with your business goals.

This could be lead capture, online shop or supporting a particular business function like allowing customer to book for a service / class. 

How I Can Help

You provide me the information in a project questionnaire and I will do the analysis and construct a unique project plan. I if you wish will then implement the plan we agree on – every business is different so of course every plan is unique.

The Major Benefits with working with me 

Strategic Analysis

To be blunt, I connect up the dots. With experience far wider than most web designers, having worked in a business technical role in one of the most successful corporations in the world as well as range of experience in public sector and SME companies, I get both business and websites. I speak business strategy and tech.


Rapid Implementations

I understand that businesses need a quick return on investment and every pound spent, must get quick results, I work in an open and transparent way, telling you about what I am doing for you and what the benefits will be in a way that is easy to understand.

Strategy to Success

Websites that work – 5 point system

Free Website Analysis

This report will cover major issues and recommended fixes to solve any issues found including:

  • Site performance  – why your site is slow
  • SEO – why your site is not appearing high in google searchers
  • Usability – is your site easy to use for your visitors
  • Social – how connected is your site
  • Security – is your site safe from hackers

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Boost your Website

Implement the recommended fixes from the site analysis.

Could include:

  • Site performance  – why your site is slow
  • SEO – why your site is not appearing high in google searchers
  • Usability – is your site easy to use for your visitors
  • Social – how connected is your site
  • Security – is your site safe from hackers

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Report

I analyse two competitor websites to give you actionable ways to rank higher:


  • Competitor overall strength score – how are they doing overall 
  • Competitor Organic (non paid) traffic – how much traffic are they getting
  • Competitor Keywords – what keywords are they using
  • Competitor Links – who is linking to them
  • Competitor successful pages – what are their most success pages and why
  • Competitor best practice – what are they doing that you could adopt or make better


    Develop your website

    Using the information gathered from the competitor analsis improve your site:

    Keyword research based on competitor to find high value but uncompetitive keywords.

    Focus on changes to the site that will really help drive more organic traffic to your site.

    Add meta data tags to pages that only google can see and that tell google exacly what your site is selling, this includes images, pages.

    This structured data markup improves the search engines’ understanding of the pages content, thus inproving ranking. 


      Enhance your customer Journey

      Using all the information gathered with our new deeper understanding of your business and the competitor landscape it lives in, we will enhance the customer journey to turn visitors into customers.

      Changes to the pages that make sense to your ideal client and  capture and keep the bounce rate down, that is stop people entering your site and then leaving in seconds.

      We focus on answering the visitors pressing question:

      Is this business going to help me?

      Is this what I want or need?

      How are they going to help me solve my problem / need?

        Does your website need a

        health checkup??

        Get a Rating in Your Website Report According to Load Speed, Word Count, Content Optimization, Backlinks and Security.

        I analysis your site and produce a custom report with recommendations. Join me for a 30 min free call, so I can take you through the report and find how your site can help you you reach more clients.

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        Free Website Analysis Report

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        Your Holistic Diet

        Using the amazing artwork and photography deliver by the Your Holistic Diet team making this site sing was a pleasure. It was challenging to build out the customer journey to match the 4 pillars methodology and using some custom icons to express the pillars brought it all together nicely. 


        • Online shop system (woocommerce) with payment gateway
        • Aweber Mail list integration
        • Bespoke design to reflect Your Holistic Diet unique brand
        • Social Media integration
        • Pages showcasing a range of services
        • Clear call-to-action on each page


        This project was a lot of fun and included a fully-integrated online booking system that saves hours of admin week every week while providing a professional appearance for Birthzang’s clients.

        Some advance SEO work brings over 3000 hits a week to Birthzang’s blog posts.


        • Integrated online booking system (Acuity) with payment gateway
        • Mailchimp integration
        • Bespoke design to reflect Birthzang’s unique brand
        • Social Media integration
        • Pages showcasing a range of services
        • Clear call-to-action on each page
        • Appears at the top in Google searches

        “Our new branding has been designed by @webzang as part of our new website and identity.

        We think it reflects who we are and what we do perfectly and we can’t wait to share it with you.

        The whole process has been fantastic and we are feeling very excited for the future.

        Webzang also offers sustainable hosting with carbon offsetting, we had no idea that the internet had such a large carbon footprint and are so pleased to have found a hosting company that reflects our values.”

        Frome Interiors

        Deigners and cabinet makers

        “I have a substantial website and a business to run and it has been a life-saver being able to rely on Kieran to make sure my website works, looks great and does what I need it to do.”

        It has taken such a weight off my mind knowing that I can focus on doing what I love and leave the technical stuff to him.

        He is my IT rock and go-to person whenever I need to do anything to my website.

        I have my mailing list, booking system and blog all integrated.”

        Eleanor Hayes

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