Chloe Burroughs

Comprehensive refresh for a Memerbship and online learning platform using Thrive Themes

Chloe Burroughs came to us with a very large site that had grown quite organically over many years. It had a huge amount of valuable content in the form of blogs and podcasts but because of the number of posts and the non-descriptive titles (like “Episode 34”)  it was really hard to any one to surface the content.

She had a membership site and various online learning courses through the powerful platform Thrive Themes that provides theme templates for WordPress that integrate fully with all its functionality.

We worked with Chloe to create a new taxonomy (that’s categorization and structure of the blog posts). We also created a whole new sitemap that reflected her offering: simplifying it, and ensuring that her customer journey was really clear. We advised her how to rename her blog posts to be really meaningful (“How to Study with more Positivity, Hope and Excitement!”. This makes it easier for people to understand the subject and gives her a huge SEO boost.

We helped her determine which old pages to switch off and worked very closely with her over many months to redesign every aspect of the site using the theme templates as a starting point, and adding a variety of customization to match her revised brand. 

The result is a really slick site that doesn’t just look great, but also has a clear strategy and customer journey that is easy to navigate.

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