Blowing our own web design trumpet!

Yes we did that – we put our OWN WEBSITE into our portfolio!

Well, if you can’t show off on your own site, what’s the point. 

We wanted to ensure the website design was bold and beautiful, strong and sexy, and just a bit fun and frivolous – becasue life’s too short to take yourself too seriously, right?

It was an opportunity to be a bit daring and do the things that other people might love but are afraid to include on their own site.

We don’t have an e-commerce store, or any whizzy functionality, we just have let our creativity go WILD!

We also took time to make sure it was clear, easy to use and navigate and find what you are looking for. That there were clear calls-to-action everywhere – Let’s Chat?

webzang portfolio image 400

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Digital Strategy

From £99

  • site navigation workshop
  • analysis and strategy

Website Design

From £395

  • bespoke design
  • great functionality
  • learn how to update it

Creative Services

From £55

  • logo & branding
  • graphic design
  • book publishing

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